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In seguito ai recenti disagi...

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Questo è ciò che ho ricevuto dal centro assistenza

nei giorni scorsi in seguito a degli attacchi hacker.


Dear Fabrizio,

Unfortunately you may already have noticed our problems with a large DDoS attack to
one of the domains we host for a customer.
This attack is one of the larges attacks we have seen the past years as it not
only affects the attacked domain/customer/servers but our entire infrastructure as the
attack is generating so many DNS queries for the attacked domain that these requests are DDoS
attacks to all our nameservers too.

We have dealt with this the past 24 hours and most services were available most of the time
as the most DNS queries were concentrated to and and we
were able to keep and online.

Unfortunately we had to block access to ns1 and ns2 from parts of the world or the entire
access from time to time as the requests fully engaged our upstream capacities.

We have set ns1 back online today with a new IP address that seems to be free of mass requests so far.
As the propagation time for the DNS update may take up to 24 hours,
we cant say if this change is a success or if additional steps need to be taken.

We are also going to prepare an improvement to the DNS system in the next days/weeks
to prevent the large impact we are currently seeing in the future.
These steps will require additional changes of the nameservers for all your domains,
but we will keep you updated regarding this, when its ready.

For now please consider to update the nameservers to:

If you have third-party domains on your account.

For .dk Domains please only use:

As the registration of the new nameservers is still outstanding at DK-Hostmaster.

For all domains we have registered for you, the two additional nameservers already
are being added at the moment.

The above nameserver changes are NOT required at the moment as we are having an operational ns1 currently
but if we see the attack is speading, we may need to set it offline again.

If you want to keep track of the current state please look into the open status report
in our control panel.

We are very sorry for the downtime and inconvenience this causes to you and will continue
to work on this until everything is back to normal again.

Best regards,
Your Servage Team,
Ultimo aggiornamento Giovedì 25 Ottobre 2012 13:15  


0 #3 meritil 2012-02-27 23:12
i bkup li faccio io periodicamente..
0 #2 robi 2012-02-27 23:04
Visto che i problemi restano, è consigliabile richiedere un backup del sito e del forum?
0 #1 Fix_Metal 2012-02-19 02:25
Sbaglio o l'inglese non lo masticano granché questi qui? :lol:
Strano che abbiano subito un DDos così esteso. Chissà a chi hanno pestato i piedi....


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